FMP12–—-ABOUT SENSE OF SOLITUDE—report for the whole FMP

by sauly0515

The graduation design of the last semester, I mainly researches how to help overseas students alleviate loneliness through interaction design, I will get inspiration from five stories of them, and then make gifts to them, I choose this topic because I think with the rapid development of society, more and more children choose to study abroad to accept more quality education, in 2014, China has nearly 460000 people study abroad, an increase of more than 11% (, 2015). With the massive growth in the number of abroad students, there arises an important issue, that is, loneliness, exile, leaving their parents and familiar friends, facing the language barrier, unfamiliar environment, and financial problems (Sawir et al., 2007), so I choose this topic, and I am also troubled by solitude problem, I hope I can use what I learned from the interaction design to help foreign students to alleviate this problem.

After the determination of my research theme, I begin to research, in the imagination, I am worried about that the overseas students may think these stories are their privacy and not willing to disclose them, but when I start in-depth investigation to collect lonely story through the questionnaire, interviews, posters, (Figure 1) everyone is very positive, because my communication with the interviewees is a useful way for them to alleviate their loneliness and communication is the best way, I can see the sadness of overseas students from their stories.

屏幕快照 2015-08-15 上午9.58.36

(Figure 1)

After get these stories, I feel it hard to choose story, because many of the stories are very impressive, and I need get inspiration and make gifts through these stories, I hope the five gifts derived from the five story can help most of the overseas students to ease their sense of loneliness, because I don’t want to let the five gifts only belongs to them, I hope, these five gifts can help more people, finally I identify five stories through repeated scrutiny.

The first story is my own story, I think my loneliness gets stronger in the trip, my parents want me to study abroad to have more experience in abroad, they support me to travel, to see what I have not seen, but when I see the beauty that I have never seen in my life on the journey, and praise it, I feel lonely, my father, my mother, and my friends, with whom I want to see the scenery, but they are not by my side, these spectacular landscape with no sharing people, so, I want to make a gift to relieve the loneliness of my journey, perhaps only a photo, I take photos of my life outside my home, the beautiful sceneries I want to share are all in the book. (Figure 2)


(Figure 2)

The second story is about a student that when he feels lonely he would rub the paper at hand subconsciously, he believes that this approach can help relieve his sense of loneliness, in fact, the way of rubbing paper can really ease the mood, I think this story is very interesting, but I can not derive a gift from the story, I am very confused, by chance, I try to rub the paper in the process of thinking, suddenly when I opened the paper see the rubbed lines, an idea comes into my mind. I rub out the lines that is lonely traces, I want to depict these unique lines, so I invited different classmates by hand made paper alone traces, together with their story to create a collection of stories. It is a process to help them relieve loneliness through my collection of stories and rubbed paper. This gift is the best, and the most interesting gift. (Figure 3)


(Figure 3)

The third story is that music is his only company when he feels lonely. I design a website for him, it is about his favorite songs, when he want to find he favorite songs, he can check the website to get all the information about the song and the singer or the band.( Figure 4)

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( Figure 4)

The fourth story is a book with which you can play made for a classmate. I hope she can recreate by herself when she feel loneliness, many games in the book are my hand-painted games, I like to express my idea through hand-painting. ( Figure 5)

Urban Landscape Maze Game. Task: Find the right road to down town!

( Figure 5)

The last story is a sad love story. I make a video for the protagonist in the story, I hope I can help the protagonist through this unique humor way, and to lose lover is not to lose the world, you can be happy by yourself though you are surrounded by loneliness. ( Figure 6)

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( Figure 6)

If I can go on with the item, I hope I can see the different stories from different people, I think it is very interesting, and during the communication, we can both alleviate loneliness. In general, I like this studying process, from research, organizing materials, to creation, during the process of studying, I know that I can solve problems through communication, and I also make a lot of friends during the research, finally, I want to thank my classmates and teachers who have given me suggestions and help in the process of writing, thank you very much!!

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Sawir, E., Marginson, S., Deumert, A., Nyland, C. and Ramia, G. (2007). Loneliness and International Students: An Australian Study. Journal of Studies in International Education, 12(2), pp.148-180.