FMP11–—-ABOUT SENSE OF SOLITUDE—lonely book design,musical website

by sauly0515

This week I already do 2 gift.

First one is the game book,I hope this book can ease people‘s lonely feeling ,don’t make it harder for one‘s time , he can do this game and makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Urban Landscape Maze Game. Task: Find the right road to down town!





This week I also design a musical website ,because one of my respondents thought his loneliness associated with music, when he feel lonely he always likes listen to music, so I designed website for him, hoping that he can use my website to search for which songs he likes and get more information about the singer or this song.

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屏幕快照 2015-08-01 上午12.34.25

屏幕快照 2015-08-01 上午12.34.36