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This week I do some research about the lonely feeling for the elderly.


Senior citizens,including both single and couples-who have no offspring to support them are identified as empty nesters, this issues is divided into three parts: First,the childless elderly. Second,the elder have children but do not live together. Third, the elderly live lonely because of far away from their children. With the development of China’s economy, ageing has become a severe problem which arises prominently. At the same time, the empty nester phenomenon needs particularly attention. Research from Smart Elderly Care Strategy in China (2012) showed that, people who lost their children in China will reach 79 million in 2050, and empty nesters who live alone will account for more than 54%.(CHINANEWS Evidence,2012)According to the survey, the proportion of the empty nesters with psychological problems occupy at least 60% in China. The disease severity of the group takes up 10%-20% of the total population and needs more medical effort and psychological intervention of empty nesters.(Yan,2012). Only a few television programs are designed for the aged, and both fitness and entertainment facilities are also inadequate that could result in the poorly spiritual lives of the elderly. In addition, the reduced social activities and inadequate care make the mental illness of empty nester easier in China.


According to The development trend of China’s ageing population prediction research report, China has been in the stage of rapid aging officially since 2001. In the following 20 years,ageing population’s annual growth rate will exceed 3%. By 2050, China’s aging population will be more than 400 million people, aging level will exceed than 30% “(Men,Jiang and Zhu,2009)Empty-nest problem is a social issue in China because of most of the social support systems are not satisfied. There is a good volunteer system worth learning abroad ,periodic visit to the aged and chat with them. In 2009, Beijing government has cooperation with Yuantong Company in Beijing and successively install a help pager for empty nesters and families who have special needs. Help pager has two functions, as long as the empty nesters have an emergency they just need to press the red SOS button and SOS call function would contact the Beijing Red Cross first aid center at the first time through the rescue system at the same time. The systems can notify the empty nesters ‘ families or give a hand to the golden year people immediately. If the elderly need help without telling their living address, they will get relief in time. This design solves the elderly people who cannot describe address exactly while delaying relief time, so this design is able to use the shortest time to bring most professional assistance for empty nester in Beijing. Meanwhile, the green button on the help pager can provide additional emergency services on a day-to-day basis functions for empty-nest. For example, if the aged would like to invite domestic staff or they need to repair the electrical appliances, all required services are available by pressing the green button. Rescue system has received help-call for more than 720,000 times since 2009, including more than 5,000 elderly people seek help and get emergency relief through the red button. On the other hand,there are also more than 300,000 people solves their problems favoring through the green key rescue system(Pager help empty nester,2014).


In recent years, empty nester as a special group has become popular in China society, but the normal designs of empty nester are lack. Most of designs like medical devices, health care of the elderly and elderly bathrooms are basically designed for disabled elderly people, so can not only be used to help the golden years overcome their difficulties. Therefore, more physiological and psychological requirements should be meet make the empty nester’s life better.

 project aims:Current situation and necessity for empty nester’s entertainment products

Currently the entertainment products for the aged just have some fitness equipment、massage equipment, others products are few in number. Although China has a long history of entertainment culture, most of products due to their own condition or the passage of time from a daily entertainment products into a Museum art exhibit.

In China most golden years people are never focused or heard of entertainment products. Though the Chinese market was product diversely and large age span toy now, but its target consumer positioning is very broad. Toys for children and toy for the aged boundaries are not clearly. There are few specifically toy design for the golden years people. So for the elderly entertainment product research in China is still blank.

The empty nesters in China almost living in high-rise buildings of the cities, and they usually lack interaction and communication. As a result,lots of elderly people begin to keep pets as a crutch but pets is not obvious to be a spiritual effect, sometimes the death of a pet will intensify dolefulness for senior citizen. Thus, entertainment products can be a good tool to help elderly people ease the loneliness. So the empty nesters in China are in urgent need of new entertainment products which suit for their physical and psychological status. So, designing the entertainment products for the golden years is a necessary and urgent improvement.

Value of the proposed work

From a realistically situation, with a pragmatic attitude to feel of empty nest which is really need. Design something for the elderly more appropriate for the elderly with the mental and physical needs, through usability、 functionality、 enlightening to make fun and rich empty nesters’ twilight years and brings more comfort to their souls.

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