by sauly0515

In this semester, we mainly studied smart city. Through this semester’s study, I believed that smart city is not a pure concept of technique. Just like “garden city”, “ecological city” and “scenic city”, smart city is a description of the direction of urban development, and a concrete reflection of information technology and network technology that’s penetrated through all the aspects of urban life. “Smart city” refers to a huge revolution of urban management and operating system. It broadens new horizons for the new urban development, and offers brand-new regulating means of urban planning, construction and management. Thus, it provides urban regulation and management with powerful tools.At the beginning of this semester, my main research topic is “speeding fine”, which is a part of smart city.I think the constant of over speeding due to rapid urbanization, rapid development of science and technology,people need to accelerate the pace of life, and some of other people use technology to improve the speed of his car, obsessed with thrill of over speeding.

Perhaps out of the aspiration to control speeding, or the thought of turning simple fines and score deduction into the fear towards speeding, I finally had an idea. If those who were speeding could be taken to the police for photo-shooting, their ugliest photos would be taken and presented in public, such as newspaper, magazine, advertising board and social media. In this way, speeding drivers would feel ashamed and avoid violating the rule the next time. This can indeed effectively control speeding, and turn “speeding fine” into punishments that are different from the traditional sense.I think my idea for the Smart city provides new methods of management,and photographed and displayed on the public media is good for smart city as a way of communicating with residents, the new method is more efficient and better targeted to solve problems is main work in smart city.