week 25—– Design Fiction and Social Dreaming

by sauly0515

After read Dunne and Raby text,I really have a deep feeling,This text presents a poetic sensibility of the architect‘s way of modernism and consumerism are full of tired, full of longing to dream new possibilities.This feelings and emotions like most of the 60 rebel social movements ,they singing in the streets, full of wishful thinking for a different future , like John Lennon.



I wonder, when a designer has a critical thinking, especially there is much criticism of the capitalist system, it will be makes itself in a very embarrassing moment of struggle. Designers will could not do anythings for themselves,their goals and principles, various doubts,they will look down on themselves, then began to struggle. For example, I find the attitude of the consumer, ‘you just have to believe and passive acceptance of consumer goods will help you everything, you don’t need to think about. ’So when I saw Critical Designwill  excited:Yes,  design can help people think and to illuminating;

Proposed design to provocative/critical/discursive, after the designer in critical thinking, began to explore new paths. Then we cried with passion,‘The world once again begins to dream!!’However, I mentioned my doubts about this idea, one is ‘ dare to think it is enough now? ‘ I think it’s design is too addicted to the consumption culture, had not dreamed of other possibilities. Designers suggest simply by thinking, ‘ would seem animportant sense. Yes, it is very meaningful, but without their say so meaningful, but not enough! The fact is that the world, and many designers are thinking in different ways, not only in thought, still trying to do.


This same problem, and have come across art. ‘ Relational aesthetics ‘France Bourriaud art critics say that art is to create new social relations. He would not say what kind of new social relations, he said, new. NastyClaire Bishop kept asking: Just new is not enough. But what kind of new social relations? Among whom? For what purposes? These are questions to answer. However, it seems that Dunne and Raby in no hurry, they said not solutions, not better, just different, and everybody thought we can discuss.Talk about them as the last which is desirable, seems not very important.This discussion process is the most important. The idea that they are people influenced by the fictional theory.


Dunne and Raby was referring to the future, is a techno-science of the future. Looks like they affected by sci-fic deeply, running all the way down. Thus, their imagination, and did not mention social relation,citizenship in this regard. Although they criticize consumer culture to the destruction of the social fabric, to reconsider the terms of social relation, said their goal is a world of ‘citizen’, rather than ‘consumer’ in the world. But in their imagination, ‘citizen’ what is it?

Finally, when designers start thinking about why design (Why design? Design for what?), instead of thinking about how to design (How to design), he rose to the level of the technical philosophy


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