week 20-Splintering urbanism

by sauly0515

I think splintering urbanism can be understood as the so-called new urbanism design. Irregular grid of the city roads as the framework, in order to reduce traffic and increase community within walking distance, narrow streets within the community design, allowing on-street parking, walking trails open up the street,and lower average speed. Splintering urbanism is strong discipline and be able to stay simple features into the cities, reducing grassland around the house, parking meters to a minimum, and provides parking garage not exposed on the street pavement. These communities is also unusual in that it has many rules that maintain the simplicity and charm of the discipline and to develop.

Splintering urbanism is not only reflective issue of traditional towns in appearance, also strongly reflected in the atmosphere.  People and environment as the design aim for this, seeks to create a  convenient life, and the city as the walk become mainly,  frugal and self-discipline,  living environment and ecological environment also can help people communication, through cleverly layout of various social,  culture and store,  bus platform, school and town administrative institutions for residents provides settlement places; extending in all directions of walk road, increased people contacts each other, reduced the car of rely on degree and related expenditure; efficient of land using mode helps protection  open space,  reduced air pollution ; Show ingenuity neighbourhood character and personality, avoiding landscape appears everywhere like a replica. Splintering urbanism, sense of community, and sexual diversity and human scale, and other traditional values combined with today’s real-life situations.


I think splintering urbanism have some characteristics such as:The network structure of grid-interconnected street and the stress  traffic.Most of the streets are relatively wide, and made for walking.High quality pedestrian network and public spaces that make walking more comfortable, enjoyable and interesting. As well as shops, offices, apartments, residential, entertainment and educational facilities are mixed together, mixed neighborhoods, streets, and buildings within the function also high density. More buildings, homes, shops and service facilities, together, encourage people to walk, to promote more efficient use of resources and to save time. Sustainable development. Community development and operation to minimize impact on the environment. Reduce the use of limited land resources and fuel and use more local products. Pursuit of high quality of life. In General, the above points are designed to achieve this objective and to improve the quality of life for community residents and even the entire human community.


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