Headset provides ‘3D soundscape’ to help blind people navigate cities

by sauly0515


The design takes the form of a “bone-conducting” headset, developed with sports headphones company After Shokz, which is not quite as sinister as it sounds. Instead of having earpieces, it has two pads that rest on your upper jawbone and transmit sound through vibration. The system bypasses the ear-drum so you can still hear noises around you as usual, rather than blocking your ears with headphones.

The birth of the ‘3D soundscape’ is very useful ,in my opinion, so-called smart city,  is to use science and technology to life to create more and more convenient,‘3D soundscape’ is a great example of smart city, science and technology should serve everyone, the emergence of the smart city concept is closer to technology and design process is also closer to each people. 


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