WEEK18–Critical Design

by sauly0515

Through video, I know the critical design and unexpected discovery that is exactly what I was looking for directions.Critical design is not a design, it is a design mode of thinking and expression, can be used in a variety of designs. Critical design thinking and used by artists and some of the same, treat the design as a language, intent is not to design products to solve the problem, nor is it to design optical bright, new products, but rather to use design to point out some problems to discuss and change people’s views on certain issues, so designs often have a deeper meaning. Some discussion on some social issues and phenomena; some narrates as tory that hadn’t been discovered; some turning are not publicized controversy.


This expression in the art world have long existed, but the use of design to express this kind of thinking is that only in recent years was carried forward by designer Anthony Dunne. Because he believed that real life isn’t all as rosy as it seems, often hides a very complicated, very dark side. Most designers fear that the public needs, products are designed for near-perfect society, more real,more complex issues are ignored. They are thinking about designing can play in this complex relationship which roles?


Dunne and Raby for France’s Pompidou Centre-sponsored —-EvidenceDolls project design, explore the role DNA plays in every relationship. Dunne and Raby illusions every time when you start a new relationship,the woman can buy a Evidence Doll, described under on him to write or draw each other in dribs and drabs. Penis drawer below the Evidence of each Doll has big, medium and small three dimensional,woman’s chosen meet the other dimension, you can use the other DNA genetic samples, such as nail polish, hair stored within it. In the days ahead if we are not careful you can quickly check out the pregnancy which is the child’s father.


 Noam Toran —-Accessories after breaking up with his girlfriend for Lonely Men to investigate the men obsessed with what the hell? When one person moved out of another person’s life, not only left a few specific things, but also left some feeling in another person’s memory, but if one day these around suddenly disappeared, it would be kind of a feeling? Did we miss that people still clues left behind by him?


While with another with the same bed, rolled over in the middle would touch ice foot and was scared to wake up. Cold Feet can be placed underneath the sheets of two “ice leg” roll over and feet of ice met would seem to be his girlfriend, and temperature from the previous two men sleep with memories. Sheet Thief this machine serves is to simulate the feeling of being swept away by the other half of the sheets in the middle. Set it next to the bed, sheets of users every five hours down in the next round barrel, users is to get up, as if from girlfriends to be unilateral out from beneath the machine grabbed the sheets.


In the design world, critical design is more biased towards research reflections on the nature of the method, since it is a new mode of thinking, so it is full of a lot of controversy. This type of design and original art are very similar, often being mistaken as a piece of art by many design circles of persons identified as being somewhere between art and design design.

But a careful look at, they all can be defined for some specific, smaller communities designed merchandise designed by angels, meets the average production of commodities to satisfy users. In fact, as industrial designs began to go into the  saturation stage, many industries do not know how to move into the next phase, critical design many products gradually become the beginning of thought. Adding different thinking mode in traditional design processes, development of different industries can create a more direction? Be able to find out who don’t think of consumer demand? These issues, many designers,included myself,are still groping.