by sauly0515

End of Design 1 is a summary of nearly four months of postgraduate study, from bachelor of graphic design and I start has some sense on APP design and web design now. From the beginning of the confused about my major,through communicate with teachers 、weekly lecture and exchange ideas with classmates, I will slowly understood that four months of gradual learning intentions.

I still remembers my first job culture probes, at that time my design mind still stays in undergraduate and fail of conversion role, but through chat with teacher I understand design is not according to myself feeling which likes and dislikes,d design needs to resonate with users and let them feel interesting, so I modify my design, change the performance way, I understand, design not rut, design needs bold innovation and jumped out of myself ‘s circle. In next time of learning, I need to know more about the trendy design ,like clothing, advertising, architectural they can give me inspiration, or even a movie, music. Obviously culture probes as my first job and I find it difficult, when I during my undergraduate year massive use of software which allows me to hand-painted rusty a lot but in order to enhance the ability of hand-painted, I will be more active in exercising this abilities.


Before change


After change

If I must choose a homework as the most successful job, I will choose the final design the MUSE pad, because I love using AI to draw some cartoons, I think it is interesting, however, other job I also love!!!



Except for the reading teacher’s learning materials weekly, I also will focus on some new trends in Insgram, such as DHS, MENU WORLD and so on, this is a very convenient method for obtaining design knowledge, as well get some inspiration in times of leisure time.

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