by sauly0515

Smartphone is independent of the operating system, you can install the software by the user, third party service providers such as game program, has the rich function. Multitasking function and copy and paste an important symbol of smart phones.

The characteristics of the smart phone:
Have the ability to wireless access to the Internet, has the openness of the operating system, powerful, humanization
High speed, high precision processing chip, memory chips and memory expansion ability, large area, standardization, touch screen, support mobile TV broadcast type, operating system must support the installation of a new application, equipped with large capacity battery, and support the battery replacement.

Broadly speaking, smart phone in addition to have phone call function, also has the function of most of the PDA, especially the personal information management and the browser based on wireless data communication, GPS and email function. Smartphones provides users with enough screen size and bandwidth, convenient to carry, and for the software running and content services provide a broad stage, many value-added services to this problem, such as: stock, news, weather, traffic, commodity and application download, download music images, and so on. Combined with the support of 3G communication network, the development trend of smart phones, will be a powerful, calls, text messages, network access, film and television entertainment is a body comprehensive personal handheld devices.

Mobile phones into the life of people step by step, and I as an interaction design student, wants to use mobile phone this ubiquitous media, design good app, brings more and more convenient.

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