MACDWSA–Wired video–My understanding of the digital publishing

by sauly0515

It is well known that the digital publishing industry is a sunrise industry, star. The development of economic and social change, improvement and popularization of network and communication technology, the change of people’s living rhythm and reading habits, not expedites the digital publishing a challenge to traditional publishing, and the fusion of traditional publishing. ‘The digital publishing industry in China in a short span of a few years to realize the leap-forward development, according to statistics, in 2009 the income of the digital publishing industry in China up to 79.94 billion yuan, up 50.6% from 2008, network game (25.62 billion yuan), network advertising (20.61 billion yuan) and the mobile phone (including mobile phone music, mobile phone games, mobile phones anime and reading, income of 31.4 billion yuan) has become the digital publishing industry worthy of the name of the big three. ’(zhang,2014)For the practice and development of digital publishing, the author produced some thinking and ideas, to take this opportunity, topic and all the people in order to wipe out more spark. A, choice of direction in today’s digital publishing industry, content, technology, service, to the success of the content of digital publishing enterprises such as Sina(Twitter in China), Shanda literature(Literary web sites); To the success of the technology of digital publishing companies such as Baidu(Google in China), Peking University founder; To service for the success of digital publishing companies have thunderbolt, Renren (Facebook in China), etc. But more and more digital publishing enterprises will be an organic blend content, technology, services or select combination as a development direction of its own, such as China mobile phone to read is the successful example of the content and the technical fusion, Tencent games, instant messaging and various literary magazine.


Actually I think this is a very wise way, starting from the fundamental change, the world is rapidly changing, because a lot of information spread fast, I can switch to the new from the old media for planning of digital publishing media of a very good example of using people indispensable electronic products, promote the information in a timely manner. I know a very typical example, a very famous Chinese writer Han han, who is obsessed with piracy, he combined his literature and digital publishing, created an app – ‘a’ was originally released in June 2012, Han han set up reading applications, content in the complex world seem to be very simple, every day is an article, a picture, in a word, a question, quiet lie there and other readers to see. As a result, online less than 24 hours, more than many popular games and applications, to become China AppStore free total list first. A year later, it has millions of users. As a literary reading APP, it even to NIKE’s advertising.



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