MACDWSA–From Post-its to Processes: Using Prototypes to Find Solutions–Prototyping

by sauly0515

I always don’t know the process of UI design, but by reading From the Post – its to the Processes: Using as to Find Solutions, this article, I not only awareness of what is Prototyping and high fidelity, high lo-fi design also had some inspiration.

Prototype which I realize:

Prototype can be summarized that the products listed before a framework design, web site registered as example, after the previous interaction design flow chart, the prototype design stage of the development is the page simple modules, elements, the form of human-computer interaction, the method of using wire frame description, the product from the more specific and vivid skin condition.

Q1:what should u do before u start prototyping?


  • Define the problem

Before the start of design, we need to think about what we do, we need to have a general understanding of project to do, thinking to the design variables, but the most important thing is to put the thought humanism design idea in the first place.

  • Choose partners for an organization

Rely on the design principle of people-oriented, gather like-minded partners

  • Team strength, rather than the ego ability

Should be listen to the opinions of others, so people’s minds, rather than sticking to his own ideas, stubborn to finish the work, communication with the manufacturers, to discuss with colleagues, then let own wisdom into the team work.

  • Design thinking

Do their job, and strive to do their work, in the joint efforts of the team will find design thinking are similar in many places with colleagues.

  • Prepare a team

Organize a team, all colleagues into roles, think together, one of the most important is communication, the warm up before all the colleagues can have a game , let it be familiar.

  • Prepare a studio

Don’t need to be in the traditional sense of the office, prepare a studio to let everyone can exchange their views together, let us at any time in the studio art supplies to record their point of view, and also can see the ideas of others.

Q2:what is “low-fidelity“mean in the article?


I understand the low-fidelity design, it is a rough draft in UI design

‘Step 1: leadership requirements are put forward

Step 2: the product manager needs refinement, feature list, modular and completed, and discuss with leader, determined, the delivered product designer.
Step 3: product designers according to the product manager of deliverables, output low-fidelity.’(Telono,2013)



Q2:what is ‘just-good-enough’ fidelity mean in the article?


I think this is a design feeling, can’t do web too complicated, otherwise, the user can’t to be clear at a glance, ‘just – good – the enough fidelity ‘means, all the display design complete, do not need to add some complicated things.

Q3:what is ‘high fidelity‘ mean in the article?


‘According to development status, do the highest fidelity prototype. Expectations are ultimately achieve is and products as the state of the actual runtime. Of course, display the data in general is simulated. Making high-fidelity prototype is a kind of the way of development of various kinds of losses to a minimum. The Internet product areas, in particular, do the cost of high-fidelity prototypes has been very small.'(,2014)

I think the so-called high fidelity prototype needs to give full consideration to: logic, information architecture, product design and interaction.Product managers and product designers draw out a product prototype as soon as possible, the engineer can be done on the designers haven’t all the design draft, even for some external uncontrollable factors visual designers are not fully involved in the project before you can start Coding.



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