MACDWSA-Remix culture-The etheric in the art

by sauly0515

I’ve always thought, art and design and is not a simple  graphic design  or creation, film and television works, art live in every corner of our life, I love excavation of the unique artistic creation in painting, film, music, I really wanted to talk about different art design.

*The etheric in camera 

Was born in 1995, “love letter” is like a bombshell rocked the Japanese film industry, for the first time supervision medium-length film Shunji Iwai is a milestone of ‘Shunji Iwai’s aesthetics’. Through his film i consider that ‘Shunji Iwai’s aesthetics’ is a kind of precipitation in the life, a sense of life, to the world, to the universe.He was bring the ether of this unique idea in the film ‘All about Lily Chou’, I think the etheric is not the most simple way to show soul in the movie or music ,throughout the etheric like an invisible network can  includes all of our conception, we in the design is also in the life, we editor our favorite things to combination to our own etheric. We need to used our own etheric to design and let the audience see something deeper things,so design is not just  finish the work.


love letter




All about lily chou


Also the director of successful application of aesthetics —Ki-duk Kim, his movies were mostly “silent”, the silence of the images is brought infinite imaginary space. Such as the ‘Mobius ’ without dialogue as a whole,‘Scene can be a communicate tool of theory and thought. ’Ki-duk Kim like to use a long or a slow motion to pursuing  “static aestheticism .In his film ‘PIETA’, lots of time of using panoramic camera, and in the repeated use of Angle lens also peppered with abundant empty lens, met the perfection of aestheticism in picture composition. So “remix culture”, I want to give their own definition, design into the thoughts and ideas through art.



屏幕快照 2014-10-19 下午4.46.44


屏幕快照 2014-10-19 下午4.50.41

All the images from the movie


Debussy’s arabesque is a good example of “remix culture”, arabesque refers to a music genre, the start is a name used in the Arab style of architecture, and later as a form of music, style and pure and fresh, strong liquidity, when the audience to listen to songs there will be a unique images appear in front of him, I have no words to describe the wonderful artistic feeling, maybe this music must be  listenning personally.

*Andy Warhol’s art philosophy

As pioneer of pop art, Andy Warhol is undoubtedly in the art world’s most famous character and the greatest avant-garde artists. He is a painter, filmmaker, writers, rock band multiple identities of composers and publishers, become a star of martial artists, and break the European designer’s opinions and let it been to a unique practical commercialization, diversified, humorous style. He is the representative of “remix culture” in my heart from his various forms of art can see his design spirit, Andy Warhol let me feel different way of design,used simple way to focus on the most simple art. He really gave me endless inspiration.