MACDWSA-culture probes-More positive,designer!

by sauly0515


After reading “culture  probes”,I think  design of “cultural research” and “culture” are two different concepts. Culture is not elite culture, it should be the ordinary people’s daily life, it should be public, civilians. Research in the design of culture is in order to better design service consumers or better communication with the audience, so the design data collection before this is very unique cultural exploration for design form really can make a design more populist and not pompous.

In this paper, the author mentions “” inspiration, not Information” “I think the designer objective look at problems to come up with a reasonable method to get” encouraging data “, inspire the design of the imagination, no longer limited in a separate issue,  use design to get to real data, also can trust each other  data giver , so is not only the Information can get from this positive approach , more mixed with affection, and  design of sincerity. I think this is a very successful mutual relations.

I think there are many problems in modern design,for example, advertising in the commercial market, for the sake of advertising, advertising designers tired trapped in their own world thinking ideas, from the manufacturer’s product information is single, but the design time is limited, so more and more designers prefer to spend all of time to revise their work repeatedly but never want to contact the consumer or the audience feel their preferences, the era of fast pace has already make every minute or every second in upheaval, so the design of the enclosure for more this is wrong, the designers of the positive spirit is very valuable, for the design moment full of enthusiasm, use all the time to think how to get a better design, also willing to have a culture  explore, let every steps of design full of interesting, entertaining audiences  also can win more better design material.