MACDWSA-idea-The fusion of old and new media QR code

by sauly0515


Comparing traditional media of the Internet-based new media, traditional media is the traditional media or interactive media, including radio, television, music, books, newspapers and other print publications.New media means further to newspapers, radio and television stations in new forms of agricultural sciences under media, digital magazines, digital newspapers, digital broadcast,  mobile TV, Web, digital TV, digital cinema, APP, etc.In short, the new media which is able to allow the audience to interact directly with the designers of a new kind of publicity。

I think the best way to get the audience’s interaction with the designer designs is the emergence of QR codes, people using the sound of mobile phone scanning QR codes can get more information, is no longer present in the media of limited advertising, modern new media make extensive use of QR codes for Web, mobile app, ads, business information associated with precision.

Many people advocate new media think they should let the new replacing the old media exists, but I don’t think old media obsolete, so the best thing to new media and old media fusion, that is, things that many designers are doing now.For example, a newspaper insert QR code, let the reader no longer remain in the text.