MACDWSA-good APP-MUJI to sleep

by sauly0515

MUJI recently new over Android and iOS App “MUJI to Sleep”, it is a by providing regular play background sound to help users to Sleep application, it provides the sea, birds, fire, mountain, forest, waterfalls 6 kinds of scenes to choose, all of these scenarios sound is the voice of the real nature from all over Japan. MUJI hope can through these sound, help users in any environment can comfortable rest.

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This app is the continuation of muji spirit, is committed to advocating simple, natural, rich texture of life philosophy, to provide consumers basic, simple, natural, and life related products are of good quality, reasonable price, do not waste materials and pay attention to environmental protection goods, to continuously provide consumers with living texture and rich products.



In fact, MUJI launch this application is to match their pillows. To apply a considerate and relate their products, in gradually to give customers better psychological hint, the past MUJI also released a calendar, notes, such as application, are also associated with their physical products, respectively. Let’s side with interesting or useful application, while feeling the brand identity and advocated by the way of life.